H.K. Truck Center

Environmental Initiatives

     H.K. Truck Center is a medium duty truck dealership that promotes the sale of Hino’s Class 5 Diesel-Electric Hybrid, the Hino 195H. Available as a single or double cab, the Hino 195h is a viable hybrid option for the environmentally-conscious fleet owner and truck operator.

Community Involvement and Civic Responsibility

     H.K. Truck Center has been a long-standing member of the South Plainfield Business Association and participates regularly in their events. They are an annual sponsor in the Holy Savior Academy’s 5K Run, an event where all proceeds benefit the school’s educational programs. Other local organization and individuals H.K. Truck Center has sponsored within the last year include Nick Gennusa’s Motocross Campaign, The Knights of Columbus Fish Dinner, South Plainfield’s Veteran Monument Plaque, South Plainfield’s All-Star Junior Baseball Team, and the 12U South Plainfield Dynamite. Additionally, H.K. Truck Center’s General Manager, Gregg Fazekas, has been coordinating a donation of a Hino Engine from Hino Trucks (a Toyota Group Company) to the local trade school, Lincoln Technical Institute, where several of their service staff received their training.

Customer Education

     H.K. Truck Center releases monthly articles that share with their customers the latest medium duty truck industry news, including updates on leasing opportunities, service & maintenance tips, truck part instructions, warranty recalls, tax information, and fleet management advice. They are dedicated to the improvement of their clients’ fleets and keep their customers informed through their email newsletter, website, and social media.

Staff Education & Training

     H.K. Truck Center believes training and development provides both the company as a whole and the individual employees with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment. Continuous training also keeps H.K. Truck Center’s employees on the cutting edge of the technology that go into a modern commercial Truck. Employees who are competent and on top of changing OE technologies help them hold a position as a leader within the market we serve. Most mechanics employed at H.K. Truck Center are factory-trained Hino and Mitsubishi Fuso technicians.

Marketing Efforts

     H.K. Truck Center has a vision to be the dealership and service center of excellence. Their marketing efforts cover both the external promotion of their products and services as well as an internal dedication to continual team-building and employee support. H.K. Truck Center creates an annual marketing plan to anticipate the fluctuations of the industry as well as company changes and follows that plan aggressively to promote their five departments, Leasing, Service, Sales, Parts, and Rentals, using both digital marketing (website, company blog, social media, search engine optimization, email) and traditional marketing (print ads, postcards, fliers). While the offerings of their marketing materials are serious, the tone of the promotions are light and jovial, focusing on educating and entertaining the recipients. The heart of H.K. Truck Center’s brand lies in wanting, desiring, and promoting the success of their clients. By playing a small part in their truck’s care and maintenance, their staff feels as though they have helped their clients’ business and, through the business, their employees and the employees’ families. They capture that through regular video and article “Truckstar” testimonials, where their clients are the stars, sharing the way H.K. Truck Center directly helped their business.

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